5 Biggest Workers Compensation Settlements

workers compensation settlement

If you’ve been injured at work, or have suffered an illness because of work-related exposure, you may be entitled to a workers compensation settlement. In most cases, you won’t be raking in the millions from your workers’ comp settlement; the average settlement is between $2,000 and $20,000.

But every now and then, attorneys secure enormous amounts of money for their clients. This is not all good news—typically, the amount of money secured correlates with the severity of the injury sustained. Thus, the clients who win the most money are usually severely injured.

No matter how minor your injury, though, it’s important to work with a workers compensation attorney who specializes in your state’s workers compensation law—this is the only way to maximize the money you receive and ensure you get that to which you’re entitled. Here are the highest-grossing workers compensation settlements of all time.

1. $2.5 Million – Banks Law

The client, in this case, was a University of Pennsylvania housekeeper who fell down the stairs, severely injuring his back. He tried to return to work after back surgery but was unable to complete his duties.

He subsequently underwent additional surgeries, resulting in exorbitant medical bills, which became part of the settlement claim demand.

2. $6.2 Million – Emroch & Kilduff

A Virginia firm brought in $6,000,000 for their client, an 18-year-old construction worker who suffered a severe brain injury after being struck in the head on the job. He received $6,000,000 in cash and a Medicare Set-Aside of $234,000.

3. $8.9 Million – Chris Asvar

A California-based lawyer touted his 2013 settlement as the then-largest workers’ comp settlement of all time. It’s difficult to verify the veracity of this, as not all workers compensation settlement amounts are reported, but it’s certainly a high amount of money.

The case involved a young construction worker who sustained mild brain injuries on the job and was not able to return to work.

4. $10 Million – Chris Asvar

In 2017, Mr. Asvar topped his previous best settlement. The client for whom he won the $10 million settlement was an employee who was driving late at night and crashed, resulting in catastrophic injuries including brain trauma.

The settlement was paid by AIG.

5. $12 Millon – Anesi, Ozman, Rodin, Novak & Kohen LTD.

A Chicago-based firm won $12,000,000 for a client, marking this case the highest grossing workers comp settlement of all time. The client was an ironworker in Illinois who sustained near-fatal injuries on the job.

The case was fairly complex as the client had numerous insurance and Medicare complications. From the firm’s website: “Substantial workers’ compensation insurance funds were obtained to provide a handicap-accessible home and vehicle for the client and his family.”

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