Issue 5 | 30 April 2012

Paper Runway turns 1, this issue we celebrate our first anniversary.

Not only is it going to be the biggest and the best issue yet, it’s going to include a world first for magazines of this kind, using iPR (Intelligent Print Recognition), so it’s not to be missed! Simply put, Documobi is a smart phone app that utilises intelligent Print Recognition, (iPR). iPR creates a digital version of a printed file and uploads it into the cloud. It allows users to scan any print with a smart phone and be transported to videos, websites, and other rich content. This issue is positively bursting from it burst bound seams! Featuring the talented Stuart McLachlan, A Happy Death, Anthony Peters, John Murphy, BÈatrice Coron, Damian Barlow, Peter Callensen, Lauren Clay, Chris Gilmour, Marsha Golemac and so much more.

Issue 5 reveals the details of our event, The Paper Trail, a weekend celebration of all things paper – which will be held in Byron Bay, Australia from May 25 – 27, 2012. Curated by Paper Runway, the event will open with a paper-centric exhibition at Art Park on Friday May 25. Artists showcasing their paper wares including Rachel Castle, Lilly Blue, Christine Wilcox, Anne Leon and UK’s Barry Goodman, Rob Ryan, Damian Barlow, Helen Mussellwhite, Mr Yen and Erin Petson. All artists will contribute a portion of their sales to NAPCAN, which works to eliminate child abuse.

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