Medication Cart Safety


Medication Cart Safety

With many different medication carts for sale, the choice can be overwhelming. However, if you want to invest a cart for your healthcare institution, first you should make sure you understand medication cart safety first.

Any medical cart that you use will need to meet a certain standard before going into action in a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare institution. So, if you buy a medical cart that isn’t FDA approved, you will fail to meet US compliance standards – a situation you’ll want to avoid.

Regulations You Should Know About

The FDA has created a set of rules and regulations that must be met by the healthcare industry, and this includes medical carts. This is because medical carts are listed under the IEC 60601-1 risk management testing.

One of the principal regulations is that all medical carts are registered annually to check they’re still in full working order, and this is the responsibility of the hospital, clinic or nursing home, rather than a job for the supplier.

The only time that a cart doesn’t need to be tested is if it doesn’t move and it doesn’t have a powered device (such as a laptop screen). If you are looking at medication carts for sale, and you are unsure if the cart is FDA approved, speak to the suppliers to find out.

Specific Areas to Consider

If you are looking for medication carts for sale, you may notice that the carts can be customized to suit the different clinical environment. This is very useful, as it means that no hospital must compromise on their cart, but if you want to buy a customized cart you should make sure that certain areas meet certain standards. Some areas to consider include;


The wheels must be able to swivel around, as well as a braking and locking system.


The shelves on the medical chart must be durable enough to withstand the weight of heavy items, and they should also be collapse resistant.


It may not seem like a major thing, but, labelling is one of the most important regulations for medical carts. All custom carts require heavy-duty marking; every single drawer should have its own label.


Different colors mean different things within the healthcare industry, so it is important to choose the right color carts for your hospital. This (alongside with labels) will make it much easier to avoid any confusion.

Danger and Hazard Symbols

Any medical carts used to hold dangerous materials must have the proper hazard symbols clearly displayed on the outside of the equipment. This means that medical professionals will immediately be able to identify the contents of the carts, and patients will know to avoid touching the carts.

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